Looking out my window on this snow- white winter's noon,
and knowing I'll not be here when the flowers of summer bloom.

I cannot conceive the beauty which was mine so short awhile;
although I pray to see God's garden when i've traveled that last mile.

The beauty of this earth below fills my heart to over-flowing,
and I know my deeds upon this earth are my seeds for heaven's sowing.

I thank God for each day here and pray I've passed the test
that God has written in his words that promised peace and rest.

So with the dawning of each day I'll seek to fill my heart
with the wonders of this land below from which I soon must part.

Our life on earth is but a day compared to God's great guarantee,
that he will take us home to dwell where life is an eternity.

Cuma Lavaughn Hall
June 1st, 1931 - January 1st, 2013


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